A Year of Achiever

I started thinking about 2017 year and what do i want to archive. But first, to think about the future, i need to reflect on the past. What did i do in 2016? What did i archive?

Nobody taught me how to reflect and even that need to do that or one can do that. So saying short, i’m a nubbie here.

Back to 2016. Highlights of the year: moving to a new apartment, being fired, being blessed with lovely friends, starting a new job in a new area, having a personal trainer for a half a year. Now it looks like i had a pretty intense year. But for some reason i’m still not happy or better to say satisfied with the results. Mostly because i didn’t put any goal and i haven’t achieved it, so no surprises. Welllll, to be honest, i did, i putted some goals, but never believed in them and almost immediately forgot them. Even now i don’t remember what was it.

But before i start with the goals for 2017 i need to think about the legacy. Lately each time when i remember about some not finished project/task i put it in the list – Not Finished Projects. Trust me, it’s a big list. Everyone knows if you give a week to finish a task, it’ll take a week to finish; if you give a couple of days – it’ll take a couple of days. My point is that if i give a whole year to finish those tasks, and i don’t want to spend a year only to finish something and without creating/producing something new. So. I need a timeframe for finishing staff and a time limit to start something new.

One more “rule” – i want to have a specific and measurable goals. As they say, If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It.

SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-related.

  1. Finish “Not Finished Projects” tasks.
    S: Review the list, finish all the tasks. M: 67 tasks. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 month – January 2017
  2. Make a split.
    S: Make a front split. M: Yes. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 month – February 2017
  3. No shopping 2017
    S: No shopping, except necessities(food, fixed bills, etc). M: Yes. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 year – 2017
  4. Read 12 books from the list
    S: Read one book per month from my list. M: 12 books a year. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 year – 2017
  5. Finish SFI
    S: Graduate SFI with D level. M: Yes. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 4 months(depending when the course will start)

And one more which couldn’t be SMART – To be a person whom i want to be.

Next step is only acting!