Vegan? Vegan.


I don’t know what to say except that i want to try be a vegan. I tried it before, for a week or so, but i didn’t commit fully. This time i want to do it for real.

Yesterday i watched a tiny fact video about milk industry that reminded me about everything. I knew it before, nothing was new. And hek! i spend all summers at my grandparents farm. I knew about cows and all this juzz, but never though about it in that context. I mean in a vegan and cruelty context. It’s horrible! And disgusting!

I don’t how i will do that if my family are not vegan. They are kind of vegetarian, like they eat fish and meat occasionally, because we have only vegetarian food at home. Let’s say they are 70% vegetarians. They love cheese(so do i, or did?) and milk. And i don’t want to force them to go vegan because i said like this. So it means that i’ll be surrounded with cheese and butter. Hope i’ll remember the video forever and it’s set in stone in my brain.

Wish me the best and a patience!