Use Knowledge

Today I want to talk with myself about what I’ve learn from slacking time in internet. Why slacking? Because I always make an excuse that I’m watching a video to learn somebody else experience. But the truth is that I watch the same type videos again and again, barely learning something new. Instead I don’t even try to apply what I learned.

But let’s come closer to the root of the problem. Why do I watch videos in a first place? Because I enjoy watching how people overcome their problems and I want to learn form it. I want to have the same experience. But by watching and not acting I’ll never learn and the knowledge would be useless, which means the time I spent would be useless. Useless knowledge -> time wasted.

It’s sad.

What I can do instead is to pause videos and act. Yes. Pause until I feel I implemented everything that I want and it’s time to learn something new.

My primary focus right now will be:

    1. Planing for a day
      • 3 main tasks
    2. Year goals
      • Planing for a quarter
      • Planing for a month
      • Planing for a week
    3. Priorities
    4. Invest in index founds
    5. Reading everyday
    6. Saving on everything, being uber frugal
    7. Study for myself
        • Baby steps
        • Choose one thing
        • Make a plan

The hardest task so far is to have goals for a year. I really don’t know what I want. It seems like everyone have a goal in their life and just make a plan how to achieve it and act according. Not me. I don’t know what I want, I just want to live and have enough money to have what I need and want.