We are moving! A big project is coming!

I’m so excited! We are moving from our 118 m2 house with 2300 m2 garden to 76 m2 apartment with a balcony.

It’s a big change and big downsizing from an owner of a garden with potato land and a newly installed greenhouse to a 6 m2(I don’t even know the real size) balcony. The downsizing of the living area doesn’t make me sad, but the garden. But! It’s an opportunity! Now I have a chance to plan everything from zero.

I have some things from the garden left, but still will need to buy pots and maybe small greenhouses.

Besides pots with plants Iā€™m planning to have a small outdoor sofa with a table. Bigs plans for a small space šŸ˜‰


Find Myself

I still cannot find myself. I did nothing to come closer to the goal that I sat to myself.

What do I think about finding myself? Maybe a challenge a week? Like one week I do this, another week I do that.

What I learnt about myself is everytime when I commit to a long term goal, I know that I will not make it. I immediately set myself to a failure, in my head I already lost the task so I don’t even try too hard. Maybe the solution is to have a shorter time. Like a sprint in Agile, one week – one challenge. I commit to do my best for a week.

So first thing is to think about whom I would like to be.

  • Minimalist
  • Vegan
  • Health oriented
  • Career oriented
  • Responsible