Note of today: 2019-04-13

DDD3B29E-FD36-48AE-93BA-978EC1070C51I joke about wanting a jewellery, but deep inside it’s not a joke. I do.

I want so much that I want to stop want things.

If I look deep in my heart, I want one thing that my head doesn’t accept. How could it be that controversial? And how can I solve this paradox for myself? First, I need to make the decision for myself, then I can tell it loud. I’m trying to solve it in my head alone for the past 6-7 month and it doesn’t move. I want to scream, I want to argue, I want to be furious, but it will not solve the problem.

No Spend Year

2018-02-19 is a start day of No Spend Year.
2018-02-25 I bought watercolors, brushes and paper for my kid.

I need to set the rules for myself, otherwise it will not work.

Allowed list:

  1. Food
  2. A kitten, a toilet, a leash for the kitten, an insurance for a new kitten(it was planned a way before the challenge)
  3. Bills
  4. Medicine
  5. Travel tickets(as usual – a travel to my parents)
  6. Presents for birthdays(since I know whom I’m going to buy presents, it makes sense to make a list before)

Not allowed list:

  1. Clothes
  2. Electronics
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Restaurants, cafes
  5. House improvements

My wishlist. Through this year I’m going to put some thing in a wishlist. It will be a tracking list of what I want and I’m expecting the list to change my mind with time.

My expectations. I want to spend less time in a searching mode, constantly searching for something to improve my life and life of my family. I want to save more money, since my life situation has changed so much and it would be nice to save more, but I need to set a goal for savings.

Let’s go!

Vegan? Vegan.


I don’t know what to say except that i want to try be a vegan. I tried it before, for a week or so, but i didn’t commit fully. This time i want to do it for real.

Yesterday i watched a tiny fact video about milk industry that reminded me about everything. I knew it before, nothing was new. And hek! i spend all summers at my grandparents farm. I knew about cows and all this juzz, but never though about it in that context. I mean in a vegan and cruelty context. It’s horrible! And disgusting!

I don’t how i will do that if my family are not vegan. They are kind of vegetarian, like they eat fish and meat occasionally, because we have only vegetarian food at home. Let’s say they are 70% vegetarians. They love cheese(so do i, or did?) and milk. And i don’t want to force them to go vegan because i said like this. So it means that i’ll be surrounded with cheese and butter. Hope i’ll remember the video forever and it’s set in stone in my brain.

Wish me the best and a patience!

A Year of Achiever

I started thinking about 2017 year and what do i want to archive. But first, to think about the future, i need to reflect on the past. What did i do in 2016? What did i archive?

Nobody taught me how to reflect and even that need to do that or one can do that. So saying short, i’m a nubbie here.

Back to 2016. Highlights of the year: moving to a new apartment, being fired, being blessed with lovely friends, starting a new job in a new area, having a personal trainer for a half a year. Now it looks like i had a pretty intense year. But for some reason i’m still not happy or better to say satisfied with the results. Mostly because i didn’t put any goal and i haven’t achieved it, so no surprises. Welllll, to be honest, i did, i putted some goals, but never believed in them and almost immediately forgot them. Even now i don’t remember what was it.

But before i start with the goals for 2017 i need to think about the legacy. Lately each time when i remember about some not finished project/task i put it in the list – Not Finished Projects. Trust me, it’s a big list. Everyone knows if you give a week to finish a task, it’ll take a week to finish; if you give a couple of days – it’ll take a couple of days. My point is that if i give a whole year to finish those tasks, and i don’t want to spend a year only to finish something and without creating/producing something new. So. I need a timeframe for finishing staff and a time limit to start something new.

One more “rule” – i want to have a specific and measurable goals. As they say, If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It.

SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-related.

  1. Finish “Not Finished Projects” tasks.
    S: Review the list, finish all the tasks. M: 67 tasks. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 month – January 2017
  2. Make a split.
    S: Make a front split. M: Yes. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 month – February 2017
  3. No shopping 2017
    S: No shopping, except necessities(food, fixed bills, etc). M: Yes. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 year – 2017
  4. Read 12 books from the list
    S: Read one book per month from my list. M: 12 books a year. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 1 year – 2017
  5. Finish SFI
    S: Graduate SFI with D level. M: Yes. A: Me. R: Yes. T: 4 months(depending when the course will start)

And one more which couldn’t be SMART – To be a person whom i want to be.

Next step is only acting!

DIY: Natural Deodorant Recipe

Recently from time to time i stumble to homemade deodorant’s recipes. So i decided if everyone around adores it maybe i should give it a try. Here is a recipe that i’ve choose.

Homemade Natural Deodorant
25 g shea butter
12 g coconut oil
12 g baking soda
7 g corn starch
5 drops of tea tree oil, lemon essential oil or other essential oils

Melt shea butter and coconut oil together in a glass jar(which you are going to use as a deo container). Add baking soda and corn starch, mix it well. Add the essential oils of your choice and mix it again.

Apply a tiny amount with your fingers(melt it with the warm of your fingers if need).

I don’t have any opinion about it yet, but i hope it’s better then a crystal. So we will see 🙂

First Tips

What do i want to say? What do i want to tell you? May be i want to share some my thoughts about #zerowaste and how to implement #eco to your life? Yes, i think it’s a good idea. So.
After a couple years i have a few tips/rules:
– Buy things that will last you as-long-as-possible(aka. forever). Like notebook with replaceable inserts, good quality clothes(wool, cotton), good quality kitchen staff and etc.
– Things should be easy to maintenance. Yes, cashmere is a really good investment if you can and want to take care of it, but…i decided it’s not for me.
– Classic vs modern? I choose classic, because with the years it still will be actual rather then it-was-fancy-20-years-ago.
– Use what you have. I’m trying to look at my belongings in a different angle, to use them according to my needs. For example, i’m using old jam jars to store tea and sweets(not the best example, but you got what i mean).
– Use what my parents have(and want to giveaway to me). Yeah, use as much as possible what we have.
– Don’t buy, just borrow. Do i need a sewing machine? From time to time. And for those times i borrow it from my friends and family(thanks, mom!)
– Be a handyman! Have a hole in your T-shirt? Just sew it up.