DIY: Natural Deodorant Recipe

Recently from time to time i stumble to homemade deodorant’s recipes. So i decided if everyone around adores it maybe i should give it a try. Here is a recipe that i’ve choose.

Homemade Natural Deodorant
25 g shea butter
12 g coconut oil
12 g baking soda
7 g corn starch
5 drops of tea tree oil, lemon essential oil or other essential oils

Melt shea butter and coconut oil together in a glass jar(which you are going to use as a deo container). Add baking soda and corn starch, mix it well. Add the essential oils of your choice and mix it again.

Apply a tiny amount with your fingers(melt it with the warm of your fingers if need).

I don’t have any opinion about it yet, but i hope it’s better then a crystal. So we will see 🙂


First Tips

What do i want to say? What do i want to tell you? May be i want to share some my thoughts about #zerowaste and how to implement #eco to your life? Yes, i think it’s a good idea. So.
After a couple years i have a few tips/rules:
– Buy things that will last you as-long-as-possible(aka. forever). Like notebook with replaceable inserts, good quality clothes(wool, cotton), good quality kitchen staff and etc.
– Things should be easy to maintenance. Yes, cashmere is a really good investment if you can and want to take care of it, but…i decided it’s not for me.
– Classic vs modern? I choose classic, because with the years it still will be actual rather then it-was-fancy-20-years-ago.
– Use what you have. I’m trying to look at my belongings in a different angle, to use them according to my needs. For example, i’m using old jam jars to store tea and sweets(not the best example, but you got what i mean).
– Use what my parents have(and want to giveaway to me). Yeah, use as much as possible what we have.
– Don’t buy, just borrow. Do i need a sewing machine? From time to time. And for those times i borrow it from my friends and family(thanks, mom!)
– Be a handyman! Have a hole in your T-shirt? Just sew it up.