Minimalism Lies

I wasn’t ever a minimalist. I was an average kid who had small treasures in every drawer, a good size wardrobe from which I wore the same outfit day after day. Growing into a teenager I look up to my aunt who is an uncompromising person and who effortlessly trash things, I developed a habit of letting go things without a second thought. That kept me in contempt in my adolescence years. And move after move after move I could fit entire life into 2 suitcases.

Don’t get me wrong, 2 suitcases for a 24 years old moving abroad is minimal. With years and apartments I acquired more belongings. But continued thinking that I’m minimalist.

I’m not a minimalist. I told myself the lie of being a minimalist because it was trendy. I wanted everybody around me to be minimalists. The whole family. It will never happened. I need to move on and change my view on that matter.

The only person whom I can truly influence is me. I’m going to start from myself. Here we go – a minimalist approach to life.